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A group of self-advocates and the North Carolina ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Network are on a mission to begin conversations and increase the accessibility of North Carolina businesses for people with disabilities.

The grassroots guide, ADA: Starting the Conversation with Business, was developed by...

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The North Carolina Partners in Policymaking™ program, an NCCDD initiative, has helped open the door for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and family members to participate in the public discussion of principles and policies that affect thei...

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David Roth's parents never have to wake him up in the morning or push him to get out the door on time for his job. The 27-year-old with autism works at the Courtyard in Chapel Hill, mostly in the fast-paced, physically demanding laundry, but he is always happy to go. "He loves to work. He absolutely loves it," said ...

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Weather events, in general, make it clear that not only residents, but emergency first responders, shelters and other service providers should have better communications tools for proper care and attention to various communities across the State – such as the disability community.

In a longstanding partner...

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