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Participate in the UNCC Transportation Interview Research Study

  • UNCC FlyerAre you an adult agency provider who works with young adults age 18-26 with an intellectual and developmental disability (IDD), including autism spectrum disorder?
  • Have you witnessed the barriers to transportation commonly experiences by young adults with IDD?
  • Do you desire for young adults with IDD to be independent and access more locations within their community, such as restaurants, employment settings, appointments, classes, and leisure activities?

The Department of Special Education and Child Development at UNC Charlotte is seeking adult agency providers of young adults with IDD to participate in a research study. Young adults and their parents/guardians have also been interviewed. Incorporating the perspectives of adult agency providers is important to understanding this issue.

Interviews will take place via video conference platform (e.g., Zoom), be recorded, and are approximately 25-30 minutes in duration. Interview questions will be shared in advance. All participants who complete the interview will receive a $20 gift certificate.

*Note signed consent is required for all participants and you may withdraw participation at any time.

If interested please contact Dr. Leslie Bross, Assistant Professor of Special Education at UNC Charlotte. Phone: (816) 719-6546 E-mail: lbross@uncc.edu


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