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Medicaid Long-term Services and Supports

NCCDD recognizes the positive potential and risk of a managed approach in our State. This approach can not only control costs, but increase access to services; allow for more flexibility in the services offered; and help "rebalance" the service system away from an institutional bias towards a greater use of home and community based supports. These goals can only be achieved if the system is designed and implemented to match existing resources with the unique needs of individuals with I/DD and their families.

The diverse needs of people with I/DD are often highly specialized. These needs are for daily, consistent habilitation services across the lifespan. As a result, the way people use services and the cost of those services differs significantly from people with addictive disease and mental health needs, whose services are more episodic. Attention to these unique elements in the system design and evaluation is needed in the statewide transition to managed long-term services and supports.




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