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Council Role in Public Policy and Systems Change

Public policy is an attempt by the government to address a public issue through laws, regulations and programs developed by governments to solve problems. Policy analysis is the process of finding possible solutions to public pro...

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NCCDD believes that individuals with I/DD their family members should receive the services and supports necessary to achieve fulfilling and productive lives. Evidence-based, person-centered outcomes that are meaningful to people with I/DD and their families must be adequately measured and regularly evaluated by poli...

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NCCDD recognizes the positive potential and risk of a managed approach in our State. This approach can not only control costs, but increase access to services; allow for more flexibility in the services offered; and help "rebalance" the service system away from an institutional bias towards a greater use of home and...

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Individuals with disabilities have the highest (80%) rate of unemployment and are an untapped source of qualified candidates. People with disabilities contribute to a diverse, innovative workforce; have equal to or higher performance rates; and are less likely to resign than non-disabled workers. Employment contribu...

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