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Advocacy Development Committee Minutes, August 2018

Advocacy Development Committee
Thursday, August 9, 2018
Hilton Garden Inn, Asheville, NC

Members Present: Eric Chavis, Bryan Dooley, Mary Edwards, Jason Faircloth, Gary Junker, Katie Holler, Kelly Kimple, Cheryl Powell, Nessie Siler, Daniel Smith, Deborah Zuver

Members Absent: NaKima Clark, Rep. Verla Insko, 

Staff in Attendance: Chris Egan, JoAnn Toomey, Yadira Vasquez, Shar’ron Williams

Guests:  Dave Owen; Vicki Smith, NCCDD Member; David Taylor, Jr. and Deedee; 

Welcome and Introductions:

Chairperson Nessie Siler called the meeting to order, and welcomed all members, including new members, and guests.

Approval of Minutes:

Mary Edwards made a motion to approve the May 2018 Advocacy Development Committee (ADC) minutes. Dan Smith seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

Initiative Update North Carolina Empowerment Network (NCEN):

Bryan Dooley, acting Chair, Cheryl Powell, acting Secretary, and acting Nessie Siler of the NC Empowerment Network, provided a status update of the emerging organization’s activities toward reestablishing a recognized state-wide self-advocacy organization. Development of the Policy and Procedures Manual, and a Goal Development Consultation with Douglas Stoll this quarter to establish the organizational structure necessary for success.  Goals include: Trainings; Identifying Funding; Working NCEN board members will be paid; Advocacy, Visibility and Outreach; Increase membership.

Initiative Update Inclusive Leadership Development Training; Contractor Disability Rights, North Carolina:

In the absence of Corye Dunn, initiative Coordinator, Vicki Smith, Executive Director of Disability Rights, North Carolina provided an introduction and status update of the Inclusive Leadership Development Training Initiative. The first steps of the initiative will be Working with Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) - which has experience training leaders in corporations, government, and non-profits all over the world – to expand NC IDD knowledge. Followed by putting an Advisory Committee in place, per the NCCDD RFA. Progress on these activities will be shared with the ADC in November.

Selection Committee Recommendation: - NC ADA Network Coordination, Technical Assistance and Fiscal Intermediary:

Nessie Siler opened discussion about the Selection Committee Recommendation of the NC ADA Network Coordination, Technical Assistance and Fiscal Intermediary initiative, Including contingencies and recommendations. 

Members asked questions about and discussed the activities of the initiative. Chris provided information about the history of the unique structure of the current In-House NC ADA Network initiative and the external NC ADA Network Fiscal Agent/Intermediary role. 

MOTION:  Eric Chavis made a motion that Community Enterprises LLC be approved as the applicant selected for the NCCDD initiative entitled NC Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordination, Technical Assistance and Fiscal Intermediary Supports in the amount up to $125,000 per year with required minimum of 25% non-federal matching funds (minimum of $41,667) for up to three years, with Year 1 beginning October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019, with the following contingency:

Marketing Strategy:

  1. a. The applicant must address targeted marketing recruitment to underserved/rural areas of North Carolina.  Per the RFA, the applicant must address areas of North Carolina that do not have a grassroots group. 
  2. b. Expand on how the results and outcomes of the initiative will be disseminated/shared.  The scope of work should reflect the details regarding how monitoring and evaluation will actually be done, including how the contractor has experience providing one-on-one support to grassroots groups that need support to fill out reports accurately and to report outcomes and any systems change that occurs as a result of their ADA projects.

Bryan Dooley seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Disability Rights NC and Community Enterprises LLC

Proposition by Disability Rights NC for Partnership with Community Enterprises LLC and Expansion Opportunity NC Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordination, Technical Assistance and Fiscal Intermediary Supports: Vicki Smith sought and received endorsement from the ADC to present to the full Council an opportunity to approach Community Enterprises LLC with an initiative expansion and partnership proposal. The proposal involves utilizing unencumbered Disability Rights NC funds to expand the assistive technology focus of the ADA Coordination, TA and Fiscal Intermediary Supports Initiative. 


Chris Egan provided as status update on progress for the Council’s targeted disparity mandate - outreach to the Hispanic/Latinx community. In brief, the update involved information distributed in the handout provided at the initiative update session to the full council. The committee and council will receive another update in November. 


Motion to adjourn was made by Mary Edwards. The motion was seconded by Eric Chavis. The motion was approved.


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