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Financial Asset Development Committee Minutes, November 2018

Financial Asset Development
DRAFT Minutes
November 8, 2018
4:00 p.m. – 5:05 p.m.
Hilton Garden Inn, Raleigh, NC

Members Present: Amanda Bergen, Teresa Strom (for Wayne Black), Anna Cunningham (Conference Call), Myron Gavin, Senator Valerie Foushee, Alex MacArthur, William Miller, Jim Swain (for Tara Myers), Ryan Rotundo, Kelly Woodall-Beauchamp

Members Absent: Wing Ng, Dreama McCoy (for William Hussey), Dave Richard


Staff/Contractors: Beth Butler, David Ingram, Pat Keul, Chris Egan, Devika Rao, Travis Williams, Yadira Vasquez


Committee Chair Amanda Bergen welcomed the members and called the meeting to order.  Minutes from the August 2018 committee meeting were reviewed.  Anna Cunningham made a motion to approve the August 2018 minutes, Ryan Rotundo seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved by unanimous vote.


North Carolina Employment Collaborative (NCEC) RFA:

Amanda transitioned the committee to the NCEC RFA discussion and facilitated the discussion and review of the North Carolina Employment Collaborative RFA selection committee process.  Amanda also put up for discussion and addressed several questions that were submitted on the ‘FADC Green Cards’.  The North Carolina Employment Collaborative RFA review committee process, their recommendation, and one contingency for that recommendation was discussed.  The discussion included a review and synopsis of the NC Employment Collaborative’s intent, purpose, and expected outcomes.


Senator Valerie Foushee made a motion to put forward to the full Council the recommendation that the North Carolina Business Leadership Network be put forward as the contractor for the North Carolina Employment Collaborative Initiative.  Will Miller seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Update on Inroads to Employment Initiative:

Pat Keul and Beth Butler from the North Carolina Business Leadership Network, now doing business as Disability In: North Carolina, addressed questions and continued to share lessons learned during the first year of the Inroads to Employment Initiative.  Disability In: North Carolina staff presented product examples of Your Backyard Greens and highlighted their partnership with TEACCH to identify the first three candidates for apprenticeships in Agrotechnology with a focus on Hydroponic Industry.  Updates were also shared, and questions addressed, that pertain to component two and component three of this initiative. Disability In: North Carolina is ahead of schedule so far in their work.  The following questions from the full Council continuation funding presentation were also addressed during this update, as follows:

Question – “How is the Catawba Pre-ETS program different from what school systems currently provide, and what’s the difference between costs of this approach compared to the standard approach for applying for Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) funding?”

Answer – The Pre-ETS models its approach based on guidelines that come straight out of the Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act which outlines the service-model to be utilized. The money allotted toward Pre-ETS comes out of the RSA allotment to North Carolina and is not an additional or supplemented allotment. Once this version and unique iteration of this model is fully implemented in Year 3, the plan is to have this function as a county-wide Pre-ETS service that is working to facilitate coordinated transition related services to 200 or so individuals.  It is hopeful that the best practices guidebook which will be part of year three will assist in streamlining the Pre-ETS application process by identifying key strategies needed to coordinate successful Pre-ETS partnerships. 

Question – “Is Your Local Greens an apprenticeship? What’s your plan to allow people to transition to other jobs, especially if they start-out making $15/hour?”

Answer – Apprenticeships are ‘employer initiated’ and intended to bring in hires and grow the volume of employees and the employees’ talents from within the organization. The current occupational title for which the apprenticeship will be registered under is Agrotechnologist.  The requirements of the status of this kind of apprenticeship includes increasing title and pay for individuals involved in it, over time.  This question expressed concern that such a pay rate would price out individuals from securing other employment opportunities because other future employers may not be able to match the $15.00 hourly wage amount.  The committee agreed that given the level of skill required for this career area, the wage was acceptable.


Teresa Strom made a motion that the Inroads to Employment Initiative be approved for a continuation of funding for year two.  Senator Valerie Foushee seconded the motion. Anna Cunningham recused.  Motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Update on NCABLE Outreach and Public Awareness Partnership

Amanda Bergen and Travis Williams updated committee members on delays regarding this initiative.  More time is required to develop the role of NCVR in the partnership and incorporate that role into an updated work plan.  This collaboration currently includes The Collaborative, Department of State Treasurer, NCVR, and NCCDD.

Financial Updates

Yadira Vasquez provided an update to the committee members.  She also covered a new simplified version of the quarterly reports she will be including in the committee packets, as well as the traditional report format.  Input from the committee members was requested to assess the new simplified version of the quarterly reports.  There were no questions from the members.           

Wrap up and Reminders

Amanda Bergen reminded committee members that the next Council meeting will be held in Cary, February 14th and 15th, 2019 at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Ryan Rotundo made a motion to adjourn.  Jim Swain seconded the motion.  Chair Amanda Bergen adjourned the meeting at 5:05 pm.


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