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Financial Asset Development Committee Minutes, August 2018

Financial Asset Development
FINAL Minutes 
August 9th, 2018
10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Hilton Garden Inn, Asheville, NC

Members Present: Amanda Bergen, Teresa Strom (for Wayne Black), Anna Cunningham, Dreama McCoy (for William Hussey), Senator Valerie Foushee, Alex McArthur, Tara Myers, Dave Richard, Ryan Rotundo. 

Members Absent: Myron Gavin, William Miller, Wing Ng, Kelly Woodall-Beauchamp


Staff/Contractors: David Ingram, Pat Keul, Devika Rao, JoAnn Toomey, Sharron Williams, Travis Williams, Yadira Vasquez


Committee Chair, Amanda Bergen, welcomed the members and called the meeting to order.  She welcomed everyone and introduced newest member of FADC, Mr. Ryan Rotundo.  Minutes from the May 2018 committee meeting were then reviewed.


Daniel Smith made a motion to charge the Executive Committee to explore integrating the NC ABLE into Upward to Financial Stability curriculum and grant the Executive Committee the authority to approve funding up to $20,000.  Anna Cunningham seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by unanimous vote.


North Carolina Employment Collaborative RFA:

Amanda transitioned the committee to the NCEC RFA discussion.  After review of release dates, and extension Amanda shared that two organizations submitted applications.  Amanda shared that staff drafted a list of RFA review committee participants and that invitations to participate will be sent out the following week.  NCEC RFA discussions resulted in the committee making the following recommendations that the successful applicant will:

  • Place an emphasis on data collection to measure performance 
  • Place an emphasis on the use of evidence-based practices
  • Place an emphasis on informed choice

Update on Inroads to Employment Initiative:

Apprenticeships (Component 1)

Pat Keul provided an update on the Inroads to Employment initiative.  NC Business Leadership Network (NCBLN) is working with the NC Apprenticeship Office and the owner/partners of Your Local Greens (YLG) to develop a Registered Apprenticeship with the US Department of Labor at YLG. If successful, this program will be the first of its kind for the hydroponic industry. Your Local Greens, based in Burlington will be the business partner in the Registered Apprenticeship program.  The individual will be instructed on a wide-ranging area of expertise including care for the plant, harvesting, and other aspects of this type of agribusiness.  Progress for this activity is on schedule, meetings are still ongoing with NC Apprenticeship to explore job titles in the federal Registered Apprenticeship list that will be most advantageous for the program and NCBLN staff is currently part of that process providing technical assistance. 

Pat also provided an update regarding the Business ACTS feeding assistant/pre-apprenticeship presentation and was featured presenter at the State’s Leading Age Conference on May 15, 2018 in Asheville.  Well-Spring Continuing Care Retirement Center- is in discussion to develop a MOA and hire apprentices through TEACCH and the ARC of Greensboro with technical support from Inroads to Employment staff.  NCBLN staff reported that Sharon Towers Continuing Care Retirement Center wants to expand their feeding assistant program and meetings are underway to set a time line for this expansion. 

Catawba Valley Technical Community College in Hickory, NC is interested in exploring the development of a Registered Apprenticeship for individuals with I/DD in furniture manufacturing. This may include expanding their existing apprenticeship at the Furniture Academy to include individuals with I/DD or creating a new program for individuals with I/DD.  Progress for this activity is on schedule with one meeting held in May in which there was strong interest for supporting Registered Apprenticeships for individuals living with I/DD in the furniture sector.  NCBLN staff recently toured The Furniture Academy in Hickory, North Carolina where there was a positive reception to supporting a furniture making apprenticeship program for individuals living with I/DD. There are follow up meetings scheduled to explore possible partnerships

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Component 2)

NCBLN has achieved the goal of providing technical assistance for one (of two) school systems in NC to develop a proposal for a Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) technical assistance component of this initiative.  NCBLN assisted Cleveland County Schools (CCS) with a proposal which was submitted to NC Vocational Rehabilitation in mid-April.  On July 27, 2018 CCS and NCBLN were notified by NCDVR that their Pre-ETS funding was granted. 

NCBLN is also meeting with NC Vocational Rehabilitation program management staff on a quarterly basis to select another school system to assist, preferably one that is in Eastern NC or in another location in NC that is under represented and has strong collaboration with their local NCDVR Unit Office and the local school system.

Mentorship for college age students (Component 3)

Meetings have taken place with UNC-Charlotte’s student advisory group for students with disabilities to determine potential mentors for this initiative.  Meetings have also taken place at AB Tech Community College in Asheville to discuss developing a mentoring program to align career services with disability services. Plans are underway to approach other community colleges.

Lastly, Pat Keul shared that NCBLN has undergone a rebrand and that starting October 2018 they will be known as DisabilityIn: North Carolina.

Wrap up and Reminders 

Amanda reminded committee members that the next Council meeting will be held in Cary, North Carolina November 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2018.

Anna Cunningham made a motion to adjourn.  Teresa Strom seconded the motion.  Chair Amanda Bergen adjourned the meeting at 12:40 pm. 


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