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Community Living Committee Minutes, November 2016

Community Living Committee
Thursday, November 17, 2016
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Hilton Garden Inn, Cary, NC

Members Present: Kerri Eaker, Caroline Bradstock, Lisa Byrd, Mya Lewis, Christina Carter, Joshua Gettinger, Michael Groves, Desiree Peterson, I. Azell Reeves, Desiree Peterson, Vicki Smith, Peggy Terhune, Kelly Woodall

Members Absent: Deb Zuver, Sandra Terrell

Staff in Attendance: Steve Strom, JoAnn Toomey, Yadira Vasquez

Guests: Karen Luken, Sarah Yancey, Elizabeth Kahn, Trish Farnham, Dwayne K. Patterson, Andrea Misenheimer


Welcome: Kerri Eaker called the meeting to order, welcomed all members and asked for members and guests to introduce themselves and give one thing for which they were thankful.

Minutes from the August 2016 Community Living meeting were reviewed. Kelly Woodall made the motion to approve the minutes as read and Lisa Byrd seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Initiative Updates:

Ms. Eaker directed the members to the initiative updates in the committee folder. Handouts were available for the “Rethinking Guardianship: Building a Case for Less Restrictive Alternatives”, “Emergency Preparedness for People with I/DD or Access and Functional Needs”, and “ADA Network Initiative and Fiscal Agent”.
Joshua Gettinger asked if Greta Herring would provide human interest stories that could be shared with all members. Steve Strom will follow up with Ms. Herring and report back at the February 2017 Community Living committee meeting.

Ms. Eaker asked Mr. Strom to review the web-based portal for unsolicited proposals and explained the roles of the staff to vet the ideas and the role of the members to promote the portal and direct colleagues to submit ideas. Vicki Smith asked if the Council has established a budget for this endeavor and did the Council also have a timeline to allocate the available funds. Mr. Strom indicated that the portal was to gather ideas for future RFAs and that there was not a set budget for this activity.

From Planning to Action: Integrated, Collaborative Care for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) – Karen Luken addressed the committee members and asked if there were any additional questions regarding the presentation at the meeting earlier in the afternoon to the full Council. After member questions were answered, Mr. Strom reviewed the sole source policy and asked if members had any questions about the policy. Ms. Eaker called for a motion.

Recommendation for Sole Source Funding for The Arc of NC

Joshua Gettinger made a motion that the NCCDD will make available up to $125,000 (Beginning January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017), 100% federal funds of external sole source funding per year for up to three (3) years to The Arc of North Carolina to implement the initiative entitled, From Planning to Action: Integrated, Collaborative Care for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). Match requirement is 25% non-federal matching funds. This motion also includes approval that The Arc of North Carolina has met one or more of the key factors listed in the NCCDD Sole Source Funding Policy. Christina Carter seconded the motion. Motion was approved. Peggy Terhune recused herself from the discussion and vote because she is a chapter director of The Arc.

Transitions from Adult Care Homes – Provided by Cas Shearin of Disability Rights North Carolina. Ms. Shearin will return in November for a final report and recommendations about this important initiative.

Supported Living – Ms. Eaker asked Mr. Strom to provide a report from the selection committee for the “Supported Living: Making the Difference” initiative. Mr. Strom invited the selection committee members present in the room (Mya Lewis, Dr. Gettinger, and Ms. Woodall) to join the update. Mr. Strom provided details of the discussion from the selection committee and presented their recommendation.

Following the update from Mr. Strom, Ms. Woodall expressed her support for the initiative and the recommendation of the selected vendor and left the meeting. Ms. Lewis and Dr. Gettinger continued the discussion and answered questions of the Community Living Committee members. Trish Farnham was invited to address the Community Living members and to provide additional background information on the intent and how the initiative would lead to positive outcomes given the barriers that exist, especially in the shortage of housing. Ms. Farnham reminded the members that waiting until all the resources were available would only create delays with no opportunity for a definite start. Ms. Eaker called for a motion.

Recommendation for Funding from Selection Committee
Vicki Smith made a motion that Vaya Health be approved as the applicant selected for the NCCDD initiative entitled, Supported Living: Making the Difference. Funding is approved for up to $100,000 ($25,000 DD Funds, $75,000 MFP/DMA Funds), with a required minimum of 25% non-federal matching funds, for year one of up to 3 years from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017 with the following contingencies:

  1. Being a regional entity, identify steps on creating a statewide learning community.
  2. Further describe strategies for fully implementing the collective impact model.
  3. Definitively state the steps of how Vaya Health will achieve the desired outcome that individuals interested in the supported living option have the opportunity to live in the home of their choosing:
    In year one, 18 people will have made significant progress toward achieving community supported living.
  4. Restate how Vaya Health will demonstrate its commitment to 18 people.
  5. Contractor agrees to decrease the overall use of contractors in years 2 and 3 so that greater in-state capacity can be built.

Mya Lewis seconded the motion. Motion was approved.

Motion to Permission to Pursue Options for ACH Final Report Recommendations
Vicki Smith made a motion to authorize staff to pursue options for potential activities based on the final report from the initiative, “Bridging Practice and Policy: Transitions from Adult Care Homes” grant and bring those recommendations to the Council at the February 2017 meeting. Joshua Gettinger seconded the motion. Motion was approved. Mya Lewis recused herself from the vote.

Fiscal Update:
Council Staff JoAnn Toomey presented the fiscal update and the budget summary spreadsheet of the fiscal years from which all initiatives are funded and one page initiative updates that provided budget information in an easy to read and understand format on the initiatives, “Rethinking Guardianship: Building a Case for Less Restrictive Alternatives”,
“Bridging Practice and Policy: Transitions from Adult Care Homes”,
“Safety and Security: Addressing Sexual VIolence and Domestic Violence Against People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities”, and
“Medical and Health Homes for People with Intellectual and Other Developmental Disabilities: Coordination, Collaboration and Community”.

Wrap Up and Reminders:

Ms. Eaker reminded members to complete their member survey as well as the reimbursement form and return the documents to Cora Gibson by Friday.

Motion to adjourn
Mya Lewis made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Caroline Bradstock seconded the motion. Motion was approved.

Ms. Eaker then adjourned the meeting.


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This project was supported, in part by grant number 2001NCSCDD-02, from the U.S. Administration for Community Living, Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, D.C. 20201. Grantees undertaking projects with government sponsorship are encouraged to express freely their findings and conclusions. Points of view or opinions do not, therefore, necessarily represent official ACL policy.

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