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Advocacy Development Committee Minutes, May 2016

Advocacy Development Committee
Thursday, May 12, 2016
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Hilton Garden Inn, Cary, NC

Members Present: Karen Armstrong, Wendy Boyd, Eric Chavis, Mary Edwards, Jason Faircloth, Katie Holler, Cheryl Powell, Clare Shocket, Nessie Siler

Members Absent: Lourdes Fernandez, Rep. Verla Insko

Staff in Attendance: Melissa Swartz, Chris Egan

Guests: Bryce Coleman, Danielle Matula, Kelly Mellage

Welcome and Introductions:
Recommended Chairperson Nessie Siler called the meeting to order, welcomed all members and provided an opportunity for members to introduce themselves.

Approval of Minutes:

Initiative Update and Motions for Continuation Funding for First in Families of North Carolina (FIFNC) Sibling Support Initiative:
Ms. Siler opened discussion on the Sibling Support Initiative by inviting Bryce Coleman, project coordinator, to respond to the collected questions from the presentation. Members asked clarifying and additional questions, then Mr. Coleman was excused. Members discussed the initiative further and Ms. Siler called for a motion.

MOTION: Eric Chavis made a motion not to approve continuation funding for FIFNC year 3 of 3. Clare Shocket seconded the motion. Ms. Siler called for a vote by show of hands. The motion not to fund year 3 of 3 carried 5 to 3.
Members engaged in additional discussion. Concerns discussed included:

  • Inadequate data collection and reporting of data that is collected
  • Marketing and networking efforts
  • Contracted services funds for technical assistance from National Sibling Support Network personnel for years 1 and 2 considered excessive
  • Statewide reach inadequate

FFY 2017 Leadership Development Objectives:
Following up the committee discussion from February, Chris Egan, Executive Director discussed exploring inclusive leadership development training programs as Partners in Policymaking (PIP) year 3 of 3 ends September 30, 2016 and the 24 month initiative Advancing Strong Leaders in Developmental Disabilities (ASLiDD) ends December 31, 2016. Exploration includes an in-house Advocacy Development coordinator with focus on inclusive leadership which expands and combines principles of PIP and ASLiDD. Members recommended allowing PIP and ASLiDD to end and advancing exploration of an inclusive leadership training program following an option presented by Chris.

Motion to adjourn was made by Jason Faircloth. The motion was seconded by Clare Shocket. The motion carried.


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