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Executive Committee Minutes, Sept 2017

Executive Committee
Monday, September 18, 2017
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Members Present: Amanda Bergen, Katie Holler, Alex McArthur, Wing Ng, Anna Cunningham, Kerri Eaker, Nessie Siler
Staff Present: Chris Egan, JoAnn Toomey, Yadira Vasquez

Chairperson Alex McArthur presided over the Executive Committee meeting and welcomed the members calling in.

I. Approval of Minutes:

The draft minutes of the August 21, 2017 Executive Committee meeting were reviewed and considered for approval.

MOTION: Nessie Siler made a motion to approve the August 21, 2017 minutes. Kerri Eaker seconded the motion. Amanda Bergen and Katie Holler recused themselves since they were absent for the August meeting. The motion was approved.

II. Financial Report and Expenses/Match Update:

Yadira Vasquez reviewed the financial reports for the NCCDD. There was discussion on the 2016-2019 FFY balances and initiative expenditures. A detail report was also reviewed. Yadira pointed out to the members that that there is $54,490 available for new initiatives in FFY 2017 that began October 1, 2016, $314,808 available for new initiatives in FFY 2018 that begins October 1, 2017, and $314,808 available for new initiatives in FFY 2019 that begins October 1, 2018. There will be $684,106 available between FFYs 2017 and 2019.

The members reviewed the initiative report and noted that there were no match issues needing attention. Alex asked the members if there were any other questions or comments and there were none.

III. Council Meeting/Member Survey Review:

Chris Egan reviewed the November draft agenda with the members. Several edits were suggested, including making time for the Emergency Preparedness and Sibling Support final reports on Wednesday and showing a video on Disability Employment Month during lunch on Thursday.

Chris also shared with the members that the article on the presentation at the August Council meeting on Opioid addiction in Highlights and Hot Topics received attention from Jennifer Johnson at the Administration on Community Living. Wing Ng, Anna Cunningham and Alex McArthur shared more thoughts on that topic during this time.

IV. Conference Funding Requests:

Members reviewed a request from the North Carolina Providers Council for their 2017 Annual Conference titled, Rising To The Challenges Ahead, being held Wednesday-Friday, September 27-29, 2017 at the Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons. The request is to fund one speaker (fees & travel) for up to $831.00.

MOTION: Anna Cunningham made a motion to approve the conference funding request from the North Carolina Providers Council for their 2017 Annual Conference titled, Rising To The Challenges Ahead, being held in Greensboro September 27-29, 2017 to fund one speaker’s fee and travel expenses for up to $831.00. Nessie Siler seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

V. Personal Services Contract Review/Approval:

Chris advised the members that we entered into a Personal Services Contract with Lauren Borchert for the time period of September 15-December 31, 2017. Lauren is a co-coordinator of the in-house initiative, Inclusive Advocacy Leadership. Her services were originally secured through Temporary Solutions in early November, 2016. Because of the 31-day break that is required of Temporary Solutions employees, Lauren would have had to take the break in October which is a critical time in the conclusion of this in-house initiative. To prevent the loss of Lauren’s time, DHHS approved a personal services contract through the end of this year. This did not involve any additional funds to be paid to Lauren from what was originally budgeted.

VI. Council Members Attendance at Conferences:

Two additional members requesting participation at the Council of Community Programs Conference in December were discussed and approved.

VI. Ad Hoc Committees/Updates:

JoAnn Toomey updated the members that the Five-Year State Plan Ad Hoc Committee have scheduled their next meeting for Friday, September 29th and they are currently promoting member participation in the Language Access Plan (LAP) Workgroup.

Anna Cunningham updated the members on the Communications and Member Development Ad Hoc Committee that will meet again August 24th to discuss the November award nominations. There are currently 4 Hefner nominations to review and 11 Riddle nominations for review. The plan is for the recipients of the awards to be interviewed by O’Neill Public Relations to produce a video on each recipient to be shown at the awards dinner.

The ad hoc committee also shared with the EC members a Conference Attendance-Member Report Form. There was some discussion that it should be an on-line form on the NCCDD website so members would know what they would be asked after attending a conference, and the form would also be included in the approval e-mail sent to them. Conference attendance by members will also be forwarded to O’Neill Communications for them to follow up with the member to ask the questions in an interview/video setting at Council meetings for conferences attended in the months between Council meetings. Alex McArthur made a few suggestions that will be incorporated into the final form.

MOTION: Anna Cunningham made a motion to approve the use of the Member Report form, with suggested additions.

VIII. Other:

  • Chris Egan updated the members that the deadline for submissions for our three RFAs was tomorrow, September 20th.

  • Chris also discussed the need to draft a revision of the Conference Funding Policy to include other possible expenses that requestors could include, such as venue costs, to promote more interest in applying which would also promote the Council in their advertisement of supporters.
    MOTION: Kerri Eaker made a motion to approve staff drafting a revision of the Conference Funding Policy, policy description section and the attached funding request form, to include other allowable expenses besides speaker fees and travel expenses. The procedures in this policy will not change. Anna Cunningham seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

  • The Ideas Portal was discussed as a follow-up to the discussion and agreement by the EC in August. The process for submissions to the portal will be:
    1. Staff will review all information received through the portal.
    2. All information will be considered in conjunction with the Five-Year Plan and will be included as public input in the annual PPR.
    3. Staff will share with the EC if ideas received are in-line with the potential to apply for upcoming RFA releases, or
    4. Staff will share with the EC if ideas received may be appropriate to be considered for sole-source review or for a new RFA release.

  • The awards update was discussed previously in the ad hoc committee updates. However, since she was a member of that ad hoc committee, Chris Egan announced to the members that Clare Shocket has resigned from the Council, effective September 15, 2017. She will be moving to Singapore with her family in early October. Clare will be missed by all.

  • Boards and Commissions will be notified of Clare’s resignation and vacancy of her parent/immediate relative position. Because there were recent recommendations forwarded for other vacancies in this category, they will again be sent to Boards and Commissions for their consideration.

IX. Adjourn:

Alex McArthur asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

MOTION: Amanda Bergen made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Wing Ng seconded the motion. The motion was approved.


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