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Executive Committee Minutes, May 2017

Executive Committee
FINAL - Amended June 19, 2017
Monday, May 22, 2017
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Members Present: Wing Ng, Amanda Bergen, Kerri Eaker, Nessie Siler
Members Absent:  Anna Cunningham, Katie Holler
Staff Present: Chris Egan, Yadira Vasquez

In the absence of a Chair, Vice-Chair Wing Ng presided over the Executive Committee meeting and welcomed the members calling in.  

I. Approval of Minutes:

The draft minutes of the April 17, 2017 Executive Committee meeting were reviewed and considered for approval.

MOTION: Nessie Siler made a motion to approve the April 17, 2017 minutes. Kerri Eaker seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

II. Council Meeting/Member Survey Review:

Chris Egan reviewed the responses of the electronic and paper surveys from the May Council meeting. The responses were very positive overall. Chris discussed the Council meeting structure of being balanced between member learning and development opportunities with managing the business of the Council.

In response to one survey comment regarding the process of moving from ideas to potential RFAs, and the concern that people be fully informed regarding their vote, Chris Egan discussed the process currently occurring to engage all members ahead of the potential release of an RFA. The intention is to work together with committee members, followed by sharing information and seeking comments and recommendations from the full membership between the quarterly meetings (and not just during the quarterly meeting). The efforts to move toward a potential RFA should be a process characterized by engagement, sharing of ideas and for members to be informed about the intended outcomes of each RFA.

Chris went on to discuss the need to consider a staggered release to provide the additional time necessary to have a better understanding of the 2018 Council budget. He discussed the possibility of releasing some RFAs at the August Council meeting and others at the November meeting.

Amanda Bergen then relayed to the group that she had received comments directly from Jack Rogers during the Council meeting. She agreed to provide a typed summary to keep with the Council surveys and then read and discuss Jack Rogers’ notes regarding fraud and identity theft. The Financial Asset Development Committee recommended that O’Neill Public Relations create a webpage or resource page in the NCCDD website regarding how to fight fraud, scams, and identity theft.

III. Conference Funding Requests:

There were no conference funding requests presented.

IV. Personal Services Contract Review/Approval:

There were no Personal Services contracts presented for approval.

V. Council Members Attendance at Conferences:

There were no council member requests for attendance at conferences presented.

VI. Other:

Wing Ng asked for an update on the O’Neill Communications contract and for an update on Boards and Commissions regarding new appointments, reappointments and the status of a new chairperson for the NCCDD.

Chris Egan commented that there is nothing new to share at this moment regarding the O’Neill contract and he briefly explained the process with the department. Chris will let the Executive Committee members know the latest update on this contract at the end of June or beginning of July.

Chris Egan commented that the new staff of Board and Commissions are settled in and have been requesting information from the NCCDD. It is expected that appointments and reappointments will occur, including the appointment of a chairperson.

Kerri Eaker then asked about the forum locations and dates for advocacy development and training. Chris Egan will find out this information and forward it to Executive Committee members. He encouraged them to be engaged in this process.
Chris Egan mentioned that Anna Cunningham agreed to take the lead to launch a survey for the members on the Executive Director annual evaluation. He commented on a few of the changes to the survey to reflect 2016/2017 efforts, including modification to a question on the 5-Year State Plan and also incorporating a question on the efforts to strengthen collaboration among the DD network partners. Wing Ng and Katie Holler will use the survey as part of their effort to complete Chris’ annual evaluation. Chris encouraged the Executive Committee members to assist Anna in gathering responses of the survey. Nessie Siler, Amanda Bergen and Kerri Eaker agreed to this request.

VII. Adjourn:

Wing Ng asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

MOTION: Katie Holler made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Kerri Eaker seconded the motion. The motion was approved


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