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Executive Committee Minutes, Mar 2017

Executive Committee
Monday, March 27, 2017
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Members Present: Amanda Bergen, Anna Cunningham, Katie Holler, Wing Ng, Nessie Siler
Members Absent:  Kerri Eaker
Staff Present: Chris Egan, JoAnn Toomey, Yadira Vasquez
Contractors Present: Erika Hagensen and Jill Hinton

In the absence of a Chair, Vice-Chair Wing Ng presided over the Executive Committee meeting and welcomed the members calling in.  

I. Approval of Minutes:

The draft minutes of the February 20, 2017 Executive Committee meeting were reviewed and considered for approval. A typo was pointed out on page 2 and will be corrected.

MOTION: Anna Cunningham made a motion to approve the February 20, 2017 minutes. Amanda Bergen seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

II. Financial Report and Expenses/Match Update:

Yadira Vasquez reviewed the financial reports for the NCCDD. There was discussion on the 2015-2017 FFY balances and initiative expenditures. Members were also provided FFYs 2018-2020 budget summaries and detail reports as requested. Members noted that there is $68,717 available for new initiatives in FFY 2017 that began October 1, 2016 and $1,543,368 will be available between FFYs 2018 and 2020.

The members reviewed the initiative report and noted that there were no match issues needing attention. They questioned the balances of two in-house initiatives including the Council Development Fund and the Jean Wolff-Rossi Participant Involvement Fund and it was explained that the balances did not include the approved and encumbered expenses. The members asked that those amounts be noted on the initiative report for future meetings. Wing asked the members if there were any other questions or comments and there were none.

III. Council Meeting/Member Survey Review:

Chris Egan reviewed the draft May Council Meeting Agenda with the members. They discussed the potential questions that may be asked during DHHS Secretary Mandy Cohen’s time on the Thursday agenda. It was suggested that Chris include in his reminder of the May Council meeting that members send him questions they may want to ask since Secretary Cohen’s time is limited that morning.

Anna Cunningham suggested that perhaps the Communications and Membership Development Ad Hoc Committee, along with O’Neill Communications develop an official resource map/guide or an outreach toolkit for NCCDD to give to visitors and other officials at Council meetings and other events.

IV. Conference Funding Requests:

There were no requests presented for consideration.

V. Personal Services Contract Review/Approval:

There were no Personal Services contracts presented for approval.

VI. Ad Hoc Committees/Updates

  • Communications and Member Development Ad Hoc: No update at this time.
  • Five Year Plan Ad Hoc: No update at this time.
  • Member Recruitment Ad Hoc: Katie Holler and Nessie Siler are representing the EC on the committee. Dates for the first meeting were discussed to begin reviewing member applicants to provide recommendations to NC Boards and Commissions to identify possible candidates for upcoming vacancies in accordance with DD Act expectations. JoAnn Toomey said that she will contact Eric Chavis and Kelly Woodall to see if they are also available on April 13th for a meeting of this ad hoc committee.

VII. Other:

  • The members were updated by Erika Hagensen and Chris Egan on the Disability Policy Seminar held in Washington DC last week that was attended by staff and Council members.
  • Chris Egan reviewed and discussed with the members the staff development training next week in Wilmington NC that will be facilitated by Leigh Ann Kingsbury, who for over 30 years has extensive experience in developing and conducting training and providing technical assistance and consultation around person centered practices.
  • The EC reviewed travel requests from Council members. One member had requested to attend the ADA Symposium in Chicago, IL in May and another member requested to attend the PSEA seminar in Nashville, TN in June. Staff explained to the Executive Committee that the Council Development Fund has been fully encumbered with commitments through June, 2017. New funding has been approved effective July 1, 2017 and those two members will be encouraged to request will be encouraged to request attendance at conferences occurring after that date, and they will be notified that their current requests are not approved.
  • Chris Egan also updated the members to let them know that staff are reviewing the Rossi Fund Guidelines to make them more user friendly to apply for funding support, and that staff have met with Karen Hamilton regarding the ADA Network and that a meeting will be scheduled with the Alliance of Disability Advocates in the next month to discuss their Year 3 of 3, final year of funding.

VIII. Adjourn:

Wing Ng adjourned the meeting.


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