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Executive Committee Minutes, Sep 2015

Executive Committee
FINAL Minutes
Monday, September 21, 2015
12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Members Present: Caroline Ambrose, Adonis Brown, Anna Cunningham, Katie Holler, Sam Miller, I. Azell Reeves, Ron Reeve
Staff present: Chris Egan, JoAnn Toomey
Others present: Clementine Brown

I. Approval of Minutes:
The draft minutes of the July 20, 2015 Executive Committee meeting were discussed.
MOTION: Adonis Brown made a motion to approve the July minutes. Carrie Ambrose seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

II. Financial Update:
JoAnn Toomey reviewed the financial reports for the NCCDD. There was discussion on the 2014-2016 FFY balances and initiative expenditures. Members were also provided FFYs 2017-2018 budget summaries and detail reports as requested. Ron would like to see a one page report of how the initiatives are progressing at the time of the Executive Committee meeting. Azell would like to see sustainability plans for our current initiatives. Ron asked the members if there were any further questions and there were none.

III. Conference Funding Requests:
No requests were received.

IV. Update on the 5-Year Plan:
Ron Reeve reviewed with the members the progress made with Sheryl Matney from ITACC earlier today and work that still needs to be done in October regarding the development of the new 5-year plan. Members would like to have Sheryl come back for the October meeting and possibly the November Council meeting. Chris Egan will check on her availability.

V. Ad Hoc Committee Updates:
Five Year Plan Ad Hoc – Adonis Brown notified the members that the next meeting of this ad hoc committee will be October 19th; at a time just before the next Executive Committee meeting.

Communications Ad Hoc – Anna was not at the last meeting but did discuss the Hefner and Riddle nominations coming up and what had been discussed and shared at the previous meeting. They will also discuss how the five year plan can best be communicated to all members.

Governance Ad Hoc – Azell updated the members on the last meeting and how the new bylaws will have to be adhered to. She also mentioned the 22 current policies that will be reviewed at the upcoming meetings and how self-advocate members need to be encouraged to participate and reminded of the ad hoc meetings.

Membership and Development Ad Hoc – Carrie Ambrose updated the members on the last meeting of this ad hoc committee. There are no vacancies on the Council at this time.

VI. Discuss November Council Meeting Agenda:
Members reviewed the draft November Council meeting agenda. Chris reminded the members that we will be at the North Raleigh Hilton and also gave the members an overview of the agenda. Proposed changes will be incorporated and a revised draft will be presented at the October meeting.

VII. Review Hefner and Riddle Award Process/Nomination Selection for October EC Meeting:
Executive Committee members will review current nominations and nominations received last year at their October meeting. There will be only one recipient for each award.

VIII. Discuss Budget Revision/Contract Amendment for Alliance of Disability Advocates/NC ADA Network-Fiscal Agent Initiative:
Staff informed members that a meeting was held with Renee Cummins, Freida Moore and Karen Hamilton to discuss their willingness to take on the work of an intermediary fiscal agent for approved Council member travel assistance and approved Jean Wolff-Rossi Fund for participant travel assistance, on a case by case basis. If approved by the Executive Committee, staff proposed a $5,000 increase to their existing NC ADA Network-Fiscal Agent Initiative contract; $4,500 for member/participant travel assistance and $500 for administrative overhead of fiscal agent expenses. The Alliance also agreed to commit to a match requirement with this budget revision.

MOTION: Ron Reeve made a motion to increase the NC ADA Network-Fiscal Agent Initiative budget by $5,000 ($4,500 for member/participant travel assistance and $500 for administrative overhead) for a total funding amount of $40,000 with a required non-federal matching requirement of $13,333 for the period of July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. Anna Cunningham seconded the motion. The motion was approved.

IX. Other:
Chris Egan reviewed the plan for filling Beth Stalvey’s contractual policy position. Jill Hinton has agreed to contract up to 10 hours each week to work as an interim policy analyst. Erika Hagensen has also agreed to contract for up to 5 hours each week to help fill this vacancy.

The next meeting will be October 19th at 10:15 a.m. so all members of the Executive Committee can receive an update from the Five Year State Plan Ad Hoc Committee that is meeting earlier that morning.

Ron Reeve adjourned the meeting.


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