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Quarterly Council Minutes, Nov 2015

Quarterly Council Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2015
North Raleigh Hilton, Raleigh, NC

MEMBERS PRESENT: Caroline Ambrose, Karen Armstrong, Amanda Bergen, Eric Zechman (for Wayne Black), Wendy Boyd, Adonis Brown, Lisa Byrd, Shayna Simpson-Hall (for Courtney Cantrell), Eric Chavis, Anna Cunningham, Kerri Eaker, Mary Edwards, Jason Faircloth, Crystal Foreman, Joshua Gettinger, Michael Groves, Katie Holler, Samuel Miller, Rep. Verla Insko, Wing Ng, Desiree Peterson, Cheryl Powell, Deb Zuver (for Joseph Piven), Ron Reeve, I. Azell Reeves, Clare Shocket, Nessie Siler, Vicki Smith, Peggy Terhune, Jim Swain, Kelly Woodall

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Christina Carter, William Hussey, Lourdes Fernandez, Dave Richard, Sandra Terrell, Senator Tommy Tucker, David White
STAFF PRESENT:  Pam Dickens, Chris Egan, Cora Gibson, Steve Strom, Melissa Swartz, JoAnn Toomey, Yadira Vasquez

CONTRACTORS/GRANTEES PRESENT:  Karen Hamilton, Jill Hinton, Gordon O’Neill, Devika Rao

GUESTS:  DHHS Secretary Rick Brajer, Laura Guidry, DSP from Maxim, Fred Johnson, Susi Michelau, Walter Weeks


Chairman Ron Reeve asked that any Council member with a potential conflict of interest regarding any item on the agenda, to identify that conflict, for documentation in the minutes and acted upon, as necessary.   He also reminded members of the emergency exits at the North Raleigh Hilton.  Anna Cunningham then conducted the roll call.


Ron Reeve asked for approval of the August 2015 Council meeting minutes.  A copy of the minutes had previously been made available to Council members.  

MOTION:  Eric Chavis made a motion to approve the minutes.  Lisa Byrd seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.

Chris Egan provided his report to the members which included updates of major activities of the previous quarter beginning with the importance and recognition that all people are life-long learners.  He described the various ways that people learn and the importance of experiencing a variety of opportunities to learn and become more informed.  He applied this to individuals with I/DD as this relates to the range of choices available in community and that a person’s preferences will change over time through experiencing different aspects of community life.  He continued his report with his personal learning journey of the work of the NCCDD, more recently the budget, including expectations for achieving the federal match requirement.  He summarized the efforts occurring to meet our federal match expectations, including working with initiatives regarding their match.  In one situation, this created a need to revisit the Stakeholder Engagement initiative with the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS) and the match expectation that was added for year three.  It was determined however, that a match requirement should not have been included in the third year contract without additional discussion and prior agreement.  The Executive Committee was engaged to review and did approve removal of a match expectation for year three.  Mr. Egan summarized that while the Council had not been fully achieving match over the last several years, the gap in federal match has been closed.


Anna Cunningham reminded members to complete their reimbursement forms and submit them to staff.  Mrs. Cunningham gave a brief report on the financial status of the Council.  Members requested an update on the fiscal graphics to be clearer and show a long-term projection and outlook for the Council.  A copy of the report had previously been made available and reviewed with Council members.


The Executive Committee members met September 21, 2015, October 19, 2015, October 29, 2015 and November 3, 2015.  Copies of the minutes were available to Council members.  Mr. Reeve asked each member to review the minutes.   


Mr. Reeve requested presentation of committee reports.  Please refer to the committee minutes for a detailed description of the committee’s work, including motions made in committee.


Committee chair Sam Miller presented the Disability Systems Change Committee report.  Background information concerning the funding requests are in the committee minutes. There was a lengthy discussion on the Guardianship Initiative.  Vickie Smith called to question the discussion. The following is a motion presented on the floor for Council consideration:

MOTION:  Claire Shocket made a motion that we not continue funding for the upcoming year for the Guardianship Initiative. Crystal Foreman seconded the motion.  Motion was not approved.

Due to the motion failing, it was agreed that the Disability Systems Change Committee hold a special meeting to review a draft final report from the Division of Aging on Year 1 of the Guardianship initiative and decide if a recommendation for continuation funding be forwarded to the Executive Committee.  


Secretary Rick Brajer gave a brief report and introduction as he addressed the Council, sharing about his background and the foundation of his beliefs, as well as his vision for DHHS.  Secretary Brajer then took questions from the Council members.


Committee chair I. Azell Reeves presented the Community Capacity Building Committee Report.  Updated information concerning their initiatives were given.  Chair Azell thanked all committee members and staff and gave a special thanks to former staff person Shayna Simpson-Hall.  There were no motions presented on the floor.


Committee chair Caroline Ambrose presented the Advocacy and Leadership Committee report.  She gave a brief update on the discussions from the Thursday meeting.  There were no motions presented on the floor.  


Joshua Gettinger shared information about a childhood study that was conducted in Asheville, NC.  A copy of the presentation is available upon request.

Walter Weeks from Wake Enterprises, advocated for employment.  Walter expressed his concern about people being left behind.  He asked that the Council advocate for the elderly.

Fred Johnson with Alliance thanked the Council for allowing three of their youth to participate, through the Jean Wolf-Rossi Fund, and attend the Association of Independent Living Conference.


Representative Verla Insko gave a brief legislative update and addressed some of the member questions and concerns.  Representative Insko shared that she has been inspired by the work that the Council does.


MOTION:  Sam Miller made a motion to hold the elections by secret ballot.  Eric Chavis seconded the motion.  Motion was approved.  

In an open count of votes on the floor of the Council, Adonis Brown (1 year term) and Katie Holler (2 year term) were re-elected Vice-Chairs and Anna Cunningham was elected Secretary (2 year term).  Committee Chairs are:  Samuel Miller, Disability Systems Change; I. Azell Reeves, Community Capacity Building; and Caroline Ambrose, Advocacy and Leadership.  Ron Reeve congratulated the returning officers.

MOTION:  Lisa Byrd made a motion to release the draft of the FFY 2017-2021 Five Year Plan for public review and comment for the period of December 1, 2015 through January 23, 2016.  Nessie Siler seconded the motion.  Motion was approved.
MOTION:  Adonis Brown made a motion that the standing committees of the Council be re-named in order to align with the goals of the FFY 2017-2021 Five Year Plan to:  Financial Asset Development, Community Living, and Advocacy Development.  Kelly Woodall seconded the motion.  Motion was tabled until public comment was received and reviewed.


Co-chairs Crystal Foreman and Peggy Terhune gave an update on the recent meetings of the Governance Ad Hoc Committee.  Carrie Ambrose gave an update on the progress of the Membership and Development Ad Hoc Committee.  Adonis Brown and Nessie Siler gave an update on the Five Year State Plan Development Ad Hoc Committee and Anna Cunningham updated the members on the Communications Ad Hoc Committee.  


The 2016 meeting dates are February 11 & 12, May 12 & 13, August 11 & 12, and November 16-18, 2016.  The location will be at the Hilton Garden Inn, Cary NC.

Ron Reeve made a motion for the meeting to adjourn.  Meeting was adjourned.

Approved:  _________________________
Ron Reeve, Chair
Date: _______________



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