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Executive Committee Minutes, February 2021

NC Council on Developmental Disabilities
Executive Committee Minutes
Date: February 22, 2021
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Members Present: Allison Dodson, Bryan Dooley, Cheryl Powell, Ryan Rotundo, Nessie Siler, Dan Smith
Members Absent: Kerri Eaker
Staff Present: Chris Hendricks, David Ingram, Melissa Swartz, JoAnn Toomey, Talley Wells, Shar’ron Williams, Travis Williams, Letha Young
Guests/Council members Present: Sandy Terrell

I. Call to Order
In the absence of Chair Kerri Eaker, Vice-Chairs Bryan Dooley and Nessie Siler called the meeting to order of the Executive Committee (EC) and welcomed the members calling in.

II. Approval of Minutes
The draft minutes for the January 21st EC meeting were reviewed.

MOTION: Dan Smith made a motion to approve the draft minutes for the January 21, 2021 Executive Committee meeting. Cheryl Powell seconded the motion. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

III. Executive Director Update
Talley Wells updated the members on the Q& A session that was held last week with potential RFA applicants. Ten participants attended to hear more about the recent COVID-19 Registry of Unmet Needs Relief and the I/DD Latinx Outreach, Webinars and Resources RFA releases.

He also updated about interviews that he has arranged with executive directors regarding their waiting lists for our Registry of Unmet Needs pilot initiative. Other updates included the Senate appropriations committee considering proposing 1000 new I/DD waivers and that the state revenue is looking good.

MOTION: Ryan Rotundo made a motion to continue the Public Policy Ad Hoc Committee for 2021. Cheryl Powell seconded the motion. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

IV. Council Meeting/Member Survey Review
The members reviewed only 10 February Council meeting surveys that were submitted. Most were positive with comments but there was some mention of updates needing to be shorter in committees. They appreciated the good discussion on all the information and work being done on the Five-Year State Plan. JoAnn Toomey mentioned that one Council member contacted her that there were issues with the survey link so that may be the reason there were only 10 replies. There was also discussion about rearranging the Thursday agenda, but the members agreed to keep it the same for continuity. Talley will discuss more with Kerri.

Talley discussed current committee assignments and will contact a couple agency members to ask them to name formal alternates to attend meetings in their place due to their busy schedules.

V. Conference Funding Request
None at this time.

VI. Ad Hoc Committees/Updates
Sandy Terrell was present earlier but had to leave for another meeting. David Ingram gave the update on the progress of the Five-Year Plan Ad Hoc Committee and the plan itself.

There will be a 45-day media release on March 1st for public comment through April 14, 2021. Upon completion, the Five-Year Plan will be drafted and submitted for adoption to the Council at the May 2021 meeting; then be submitted to DHHS Secretary Cohen for review and approval and then to the Office of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (OIDD) for final approval. The new Plan will take effect on October 1, 2021.

VII. Personal Services Contract Review/Approval
None at this time.

VIII. Other
The EC reviewed the list of members who are ending their 1st term and their recommendations for reappointment to a second term. MOTION: Nessie Siler made a motion to recommend to Boards and Commissions, Office of the Governor approval to reappoint the Council members whose term is ending June 30, 2021 with the exception of one member who will be contacted to determine their ability to attend meetings. Ryan Rotundo seconded the motion. Dan Smith recused himself because his position is included with those whose term is ending June 30, 2021. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

IX. Adjourn
Bryan asked for a motion to adjourn at approximately 11:00 AM.

MOTION: Dan Smith made a motion to adjourn the EC meeting. Nessie Siler seconded the motion. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.


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