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Executive Committee Minutes, April 2020

NC Council on Developmental Disabilities
Executive Committee Minutes
Date:  April 20, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Members Present: Allison Dodson, Kerri Eaker, Ryan Rotundo, Dan Smith
Members Absent: Myron Gavin, Cheryl Powell, Nessie Siler
Staff Present: David Ingram, Melissa Swartz, JoAnn Toomey, Yadira Vasquez, Talley Wells, Shar’ron Williams, Philip Woodward, Letha Young

I. Call to Order
Chair Kerri Eaker called to order the meeting of the Executive Committee (EC) and welcomed the members calling in.

II. Approval of Minutes
The draft minutes of the March 16 and April 1, 2020 Executive Committee meetings were reviewed.

MOTION: Dan Smith made a motion to approve the March 16 and April 1, 2020 minutes. Allison Dodson seconded the motion. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

III. Executive Director Update
Talley Wells first updated the members with some ‘hot off the presses’ topics including a community discussion regarding COVID-19, hosted by NCCDD next Wednesday, April 29th at 6:30 PM. He also updated the members that the NCCDD COVID-19 Relief Fund was very successful in that the entire $75,000 was awarded to over 30 organizations across the state. Talley had several other agenda items to discuss with the members:

  • Highlights & Hot Topics – Spanish translation. The English version will be released as soon as it is ready, however, the Spanish translation usually takes a week or two after the first release date. We will post that the Spanish version will be forthcoming asap.
  • COVID-19 Check in/Survey. Survey results have been coming in and will be compiled and reported out by or at the May Council meeting.
  • Supported Living Guidebook/Videos. Talley and Philip Woodward updated the members that the guidebook and videos on successes are wonderful and very inspiring.

IV. Financial Report and Expenses/Match Update
Yadira Vasquez reviewed the financial reports for the NCCDD. Currently, there is an estimated amount of $105,634 that will be available for new initiatives effective October 1, 2020 from FFY 2021. All other funds for FFYs 2018-2021 have been identified to be spent, pending Council approval. Dan Smith asked about the spreadsheet that indicated some initiatives that are more than 25% below spending target. Yadira answered that staff are monitoring them closely.

V. Council Meeting/Member Survey Review
Talley reviewed the draft May Council meeting agenda with the members. We will be holding the meetings by teleconference/webinar and will be sending out the final draft agenda later this week to all members

VI. Conference Funding Requests
Kerri Eaker updated the members that the Disability Rights NC Conference approved at March EC meeting has been postponed.

VII. Ad Hoc Committees/Updates
Talley and David Ingram updated the members on the last meeting of the Five-Year State Plan Ad Hoc Committee and the latest news regarding the scheduled Conversations with the Council. The individual, family member and community organization surveys will be distributed by the end of April. Conversations with the Council that were scheduled to be held face-to-face in May and early June have been cancelled and will be rescheduled as teleconferences/video meetings

VIII. Personal Services Contract Review/Approval
None at this time.

IX. Other
Members reviewed a request from i2i Center for Integrative Health for a No-Cost Extension of their current initiative that is scheduled to end June 30, 2020. Staff had previously agreed that it was reasonable to forward to the EC for approval, but that the extension could only be given through August 31, 2020.

MOTION: Dan Smith made a motion to approve a no-cost extension to i2i for their Cross-System Navigation initiative (from June 30, 2020 to August 31, 2020). Ryan Rotundo seconded the motion. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Kerri Eaker asked if anyone on the call would like to make a comment and Mya Lewis thanked the Council for their updates and work during this crisis. Anna Cunningham commented on a situation at two group homes, both serving individuals with complex needs. She also thanked the Council for their work.

X. Adjourn
Kerri adjourned the meeting at 11:00 AM.


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